Affiliated dojo’s

The schools listed below train with me regularly.  Some are my students and some are my dojo brothers.  All are my friends and I am proud to train with them.

· Sensei Dave Fasig and the Okinawan Karate Club of Springfield, Springfield, Illinois

· Sensei Loren Engelby and the Glacial Ridge Karate Club, Atwater, MN

· Sensei Don Foster and Master Kise’s #1 Arkansas Dojo, Ratcliff, Arkansas

· Sensei Kenny Broadway and the Okinawa Karate Club, Jonesboro, Arkansas

· Sensei Cuthbert Hicks and the Okinawa-te Dojo, Trinidad, West Indies

· Sensei Thomas Ashley and the Buffalo Shorinryu Karate Academy, Buffalo, Texas

· Sensei Ben Madsen and the Chain of Lakes Karate Club, Fairmont, Minnesota

· Sensei Michael Veillon and the Shorin Bujitsu Dojo, Alexandria, Louisiana

· Sensei Nathan Batson and the Tyler Kenshinkan Dojo, Tyler, Texas

· Sensei Tim Amey and the Evergreen Karate and Kobudo Club, Seattle, Washington

· Sensei Buddy Masters and the Central Arkansas Kenshinkan Dojo, Cabot, Arkansas

· And all of the many other schools in Master Kise’s Federation, most notably my good friends, Shihan Greg Lazarus of Dover, New Hampshire, Shihan Jeff Ader of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sensei Taco Aguilar of Yuma, Arizona, the San Diego, California Shorinryu Dojo of Sensei Bill Ackerman, Ron Gordines, and Les Reed.


Thanks to you all for the friendship, camaraderie, and outstanding training that we have had over the many years I have known most of you and the few years I have known the rest of you...John Shipes