The following programs are currently offered at the Athens Karate School:




The traditional Okinawan art of empty-hand fighting.  Traditional training methods are employed to develop the student as a fighter and to improve health and well-being.  Rich in history and tradition, the style of Grandmaster Fusei Kise of Okinawa, Japan called Shorinryu Kenshin-Kan has a lineage that goes back to the great Bushi Matsumura and his teachers some 200 years ago.


The traditional Okinawan art of fighting with weapons including the bo (5 or 6ft staff), sai (metal truncheon), kama (hand sickle), tonfa (mill handle, PR24), nunchaku (flail), tekko (stirrup), ekku (boat oar) and other lesser known weapons such as the rokushakukama and nuntebo.  Our style of kobudo is integral to the empty hand art mentioned above and has a history going back some 600 years.


Tuite is the grappling art of traditional Okinawan martial arts along with a wrestling art known as tegumi.  Tuite as its practiced at the Athens Karate School is focused on joint locking and manipulations in order to facilitate control of an opponent.  Tuite predates karate in Okinawa and was practiced as a manner of keeping the peace.

Shorinryu Kenshin-Kan:

Shorinryu Kenshin-Kan is the amalgamation of the arts mentioned above and all are integral to the training and understanding of Master Kise’s Shorinryu Kenshinkan method.  This style is synonymous with Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Karate and Kobudo as taught by Master Kise and his teacher, the great Sensei Hohan Soken.  This art is taught in both the adult and kids classes and is based on the principle that hard work is the secret of martial arts training.

Tai Chi Chuan:

The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan is taught periodically at the Athens Karate School for those people interested in a softer approach to exercise through breath training and gentle movements.  This class is offered weekly on Saturday morning (with an occasional missed day) and anyone interested in the relaxing art of Tai Chi Chuan is encouraged to try it out.

Self Defense and Non-traditional Martial Arts:

While all of the programs at the Athens Karate School offer self-defense benefits, Sensei Pat Wilson and I are now offering a non-traditional class weekly.  This class is comprised of techniques primarily from Jun Fan and Kali and offers martial arts and self-defense training dealing with weapons disarms, empty hand self defense, and various other methods of training in a casual setting.